You can tell that…

… the population is getting older in the UK, when you read articles like the following in the paper:

The (BBC) Trust agreed plans to relaunch the digital service Rado 7 as Radio 4 Extra. The station will reduce the amount of children’s programming from 1,400 hours to 350 hours a year. […] The trust said that children’s programming had failed to attract young listeners and had an average audience age of 48.*

Forty-eight?! How old was the oldest member of the audience? Because I’m sure that a few 6 year olds must have brought that average down a bit. And who on earth at the age of 48 would admit to listening to CBeebies throughout the day? I want to be friends with those people.

*The Times, Radio 4 urged to retune for a ‘lighter’ listener, February 9 2011

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