Inspirational Note #1

The past few days I have been fighting hard to fight the blues. I don’t know what kind of blues they are this time but I have concluded (in short and to avoid further introspection) that they must be related to the quota of sunshine I got this summer. Which equates to about 10 days of rays caressing my face and making me leave my jacket back home. For the whole summer. Which for a Greek – born and raised – is probably less than 10% of the suggested intake.

I complained about this a lot, only to hear back that our summer has been great here in Britain this year. To which I have to reply: Aha, I was right! The BBC proves you wrong!

So I’ve blamed my mood swings on the star at the centre of our solar system choosing to ignore little voices that say it might also possibly have to do with that mid-twenties (give or take) soul searching about where your life is going, how will the future be, sitting behind a desk – not the desk that you are sitting at any given time, but any desk. Think of it as an object under the Platonic ideal form if you’d like (if links on WordPress would cooperate tonight, you could have clicked straight away to this: But alas, they don’t).

And with all these thoughts tangled up with other more serious and more minute ones, I fumbled around the past couple of days wondering if I’ll ever do all the travelling that I want to do, if I’ll ever manage to afford a house and if things that I’ve at some point hoped for will ever come true.

But as anyone with raspberry jam for brains knows ( these questions never come with definite answers.

Sometimes you can push them away by maximising the legal (and for some the illegal) pleasures that life has to offer in order to blur them into the background for a while.

Some other times you have to look them in the eye and tell yourself that will get all the answers – in time.

My moment of clarity came today through someone else’s words. And as much as I hate the motivational self-help mumbo jumbo, his words managed to struck a chord with all the questions I was asking myself and to which he didn’t give any answers but instead gave me a direction. (

Talking about the back cover of the Earth Catalogue final issue, this man spoke of the

photograph of an early morning country road, the kind you might find yourself hitchhiking on if you were so adventurous. Beneath it were the words: “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

And with these words (and the BBC forecast predicting sunshine and 24 degrees this Saturday), I now have a little bit of hope. And as it’s also commonly known, every little helps!

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