It’s been almost a month since I wrote a sticky note but I like to make excuses so I’m claiming it was my birthday month and I’m justified. In fact it’s been a great month. 34 days to be exact.

In the 34 days that separate this post from the previous one, I’ve managed to get lost somewhere around Shoreditch while trying to reach my friends who were originally supposed to walk to Columbia Road Market but settled for Brick Lane instead. I’ve watched a hell of a lot of South Park and 3rd Rock from the Sun episodes. All for work purposes.

I’ve stood to inspect progress at the Shard construction site approximately 74 times. Had lunch in the Consultation Cafe of the Bermondsey Village Action Group which opposes the new high-rise projects in the area, including the aforementioned building.

I’ve celebrated my birthday 3 times in two different countries. I’ve experienced Paris in its autumnal glory with the added bonus of summer temperatures. Coming back to London I wore my coat for the first time this year and took my wooly scarves out of their seasonal hiding place. I’ve eaten madeleines that taste like roses, macarons that taste like heaven and lots of birthday cake with cream cheese frosting. My birthday celebrations were spent in twos, fours and twenty sixes. Heard wishes from Greek, English, Irish, Italian, French, Indian, American, Serbian/American, French/English, German, British/Singaporean, British/Sri Lankan, Polish and Russian friends.

Saw Sheryl Crow live and reminisced the days when I would listen to her Globe Sessions on repeat. Had dinner in the place where Oscar Wilde got arrested and drinks in a bar that has his portrait plastered on its walls and menus. Watched actors perform Faust while doing acrobatics in the Young Vic. Heard an American girl sing Billie Holiday, Fiona Apple, Norah Jones and Edith Piaf acapella next to Place des Vosges. Had to identify silhouettes of  cartoon characters at the staff party pub quiz. Danced (jumped around) to Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 with my workmates. Passionately sang Backstreet Boys with some of them (who claimed they didn’t remember this the morning after). Painted faces on people’s bellies while drunk.

Wrote a piece for Stylist which never got published. Wrote a piece about parkas than never got published. Wrote about immigrants in Greek but never bothered to try and get it published.

Finished reading Love in time of Cholera and bought Samuel Pepys Diary. Watched the whole series of Dead Set and then cartoons because the zombies were giving me nightmares. Went to the cinema to see The Social Network and Somewhere. Heard the Facebook story for the first time and saw how easily Hollywood actors get laid in Château Marmont.

Carved my first Halloween pumpkin and sipped mulled wine at the Borough Market. Got lost in Lambeth trying to find a venue for a PR networking event. Shopped face paint for my Halloween outfit. Dressed up as Corpse Bride and attended a wicked ball where naked women and men covered in glitter were lying next to an assortment of cheeses and crackers.

There’s probably tens of sticky notes that I could have written about all the above but I thought I should make it short and sweet. I’m back!


Athens, London, Singapore, the world. Up for stuff.


    • Άντε καλέ, μη φανταστείς! 🙂 Άσε που με τούτα και με κείνα στο τέλος του μήνα κόντεψα να τη βγάλω με κονσέρβα φασόλια και τοστ (αγγληστί beans and toast) από τα τόσα έξοδα. Αλλά βασικά το ζουμί είναι ένα. Στην πρωτεύουσα του νησιού, αν δεν οργανωθείς από νωρίς, πράγματα δεν κάνεις!

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