Summer in London (yes, it does happen!)

My previous attempt to blog was a failed attempt to declare my love for the beautiful city I live in. In the meantime I got hit by partial unemployment (that’s how I felt about working part-time), serious lack of money and confidence (related to the partial unemployment mentioned before). Thoughts of updating the blog with stories of all the good things that were happening in London were put aside and more practical writing had to be done (namely cover letters).

Several months later and now (temporarily) in full-time employment, the previously recurring angst of enjoying myself when I should really be worried about getting a job has vanished (for now). And it’s perfect timing I have to say. It has coincided with the arrival of summer after a very looooong winter.

London summer tags:

Lunch in the park, sunglasses, awkward tank top tan lines, pink foreheads, strawberries, ice lollies handed out by co-workers, long walks, scarves for the evening chill, raspberry ice creams, jumpsuits and pyjama-looking harem pants, extremely hot tube carriages, post-work pub drinks, holiday plans.

To be continued…

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