Substitution therapy in Greece: A troubled story

I wrote this piece a while ago to go on the Talking Drugs website and the Methadone Facebook Page.  You can read it here:

The time I spent volunteering for the drug charity Release was absolutely brilliant as I met so many people from allover the world and I started learning more about drugs and drug use. I believe that Release’s campaign ‘Nice People Take Drugs’ is remarkable for the way it emphasises how quick we are to judge and label drug users into all sorts of categories with the aim of excluding and washing our hands clean of them.

I think the most unfathomable story for me was that of the group Project Prevention (read more about it in this story by the Independent). Labelled as a charity, the group offers drug users in the US money in exchange for their reproductive rights. Originally named C.R.A.C.K. (Children Requiring A Caring Community), the charity has taken upon itself to clear the world of ‘crack babies’ and offspring of users AND former users. (If you dig more into the articles, you can find the story of a former addict – off the habit for more than 8 years – who asked if she was eligible to receive the money and was shocked to find out that she was considered a threat to her unborn baby as well.)

The story has made headlines in the UK and there’s many sides to every argument but if you’d like to let me know yours, you’re more than welcome.

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