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Funny Note #7

In the pub a few weeks ago.

The Italian girl says ‘a little bit’ during the conversation. S – who is by the way a bigΒ Inbetweeners fan – wants to show off his linguistic skills (and more…) andΒ gestures with his fingers.

‘Un pochino’, he mouths with a big smile.

The girl is impressed and asks how come he knows that.

With a smug look full of pride he replies: ‘I banged an Italian girl once’.


Funny Note #6

Fotografiska Gallery, Stockholm. 3 men pack up their production equipment and 2 women carrying their overnight cases help them get all the bags in an elevator. The door closes and in confined space 5 people endure the few seconds of awkward elevator silence.

Scott looks at letters spelt out above the buttons and proclaims ‘It’s a Schindler!’

In sheer comic timing, Nick replies: ‘Yes, Schindler’s lift’.

Funny note #5

Blackpool? Southend? Brighton?

Me, on my first week in the UK. Unaware of the nuances and accents of any other nationalities that speak English apart from the cast of X-Files and Friends.

The TV is on in our shared student flat playing Home and Away. I turn and see the actors heading down to the beach with their surfboards. With a mixture of awe and amazement I say to my flatmate:

‘I didn’t know you had beaches like that in England!’