Snapshots contd. contd.

A Sunday afternoon:

Two little girls in a crummy internet shop on Essex Road watch Justin Bieber clips in which he meets his number one fans.

A Tuesday evening:

A girl working for a beauty salon on Dean Street, Chinatown, has fallen asleep behind the counter, leaning against the wall.

A Thursday (really early) morning:

On the 205 bus, a woman counts her rosary beads. In the seat in front of her an exotic dancer in bold makeup and high heels is getting off the bus and going home.

A Monday lunchtime:

A guy in a suit, wearing sandals and white socks sits on a stool at Pret and brings out a 1.5 lt bottle of Lucozade from his briefcase.

A Wednesday at 8am:

A mum marches ahead to open the school door. Her son walks 5 feet behind her slouching and pouting with a sad grin.

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