The Tree of Life

My first blog post was not a Sticky Note. It was an ill-fated attempt at blogging that was spurred by my newfound love for the city I currently live in with the self-explanatory title ‘I heart London’.

The first time I really thought about starting a blog was about…. 3 or 4 months ago, when I saw on the news the story of a pair from Germany that gave birth to twins of different skin colours, one black and one white. (For a brief video of that story, go to I wanted to say and write so many things about it, about what that meant for me in respect to the world that we live in…

I haven’t looked at that old blog in a while now but something I watched today reminded me of that first post and my first ever thought of blogging. Eating my dinner which consisted strictly of thawed ingredients (lack of money in the bank), I watched a David Attenborough documentary about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and the Tree of Life. I’ve recently started watching a lot of science programmes and I found that I rather enjoy them especially when they’re about biology.

As Attenborough went on to describe the idea of the Tree of Life, explaining how all life on earth is related I thought of the religious fools that refuse to accept the scientific evidence of the evolution theory. Isn’t it easier to always draw a line as to who can be in ‘your circle’ and who can’t? Apes have nothing to do with humans, Christians have nothing to do with Muslims, blacks have nothing to do with whites. We’re all different, they’ll claim, each created by God’s grace to resemble Him. One power creating many lives instead of many lives springing from just one. Division rather than relation, us and them, rather than us all.

I remember having a huge argument as a young girl; one of my classmates was being incredibly racist and I tried to reason with him in every way possible. I resorted to what I thought was the fittest answer, the then recent DNA report which concluded that 99.9% of all humans are identical. He still wouldn’t change his mind; he claimed that that 0,1% was still important.

True, I don’t know that much about biology to question him, that 0,1% probably plays an enormous part. But when each and every one of us is 99.9% genetically identical, why the hell do we only see that fraction?

If there’s one thing that has made me detest racism, that has definitely been biology. Ironic huh?

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