Dogtooth and uncle Oscar

The news spread today that Dogtooth has been nominated for an Academy Award and that has filled me with joy for two reasons: first of all, because the film is Greek. And secondly, because my first ever Sticky Note (if you don’t count the introduction) was written about it.

You can read the post here. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, you should definitely give it a go although you should be warned that the themes can be disturbing at times.

I love the fact that this particular film is nominated as it’s certainly a very different cultural product to be exported from our troubled little country. It’s time to show that despite everything, there is talent and potential in Greece and it’s not simply Eurovision singers and long-haired football players. Let’s hope that the publicity that this nomination has brought is going to be positive for Lanthimos but also for a young generation of film makers that might want to follow in his footsteps. Maybe this will be the opportunity for the country to develop a film industry of its own instead of providing only a backdrop for Hollywood’s ‘escape-in-the-sun’ extravaganzas. No, I didn’t like Mamma Mia.

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