Out of office automatic reply


This sign was a common and seasonal sight where I grew up. Every summer, our local cinema would put a similar one on the preface of the building and announce that the winter season was over. ‘We’ll meet again in September’ and that’s how we knew it was time to catch up on anything we’d missed during winter in the summer cinema under the stars.

As I’m preparing my bags to go back for my (rather delayed) summer holidays, I feel like putting a big sign over my face that says exactly the same. ‘We’ll meet again in September’; to my friends and family at home in Greece, to my friends and extended family at home in London, to anyone who has been reading my Sticky Notes.

I’ll leave you with some good music which brings to mind images like these:

‘I am out of the office until Monday 13th of September. I will reply to your email upon return. For urgent queries, please contact thefty‘.

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