Sunday afternoon on the island of Great Britain

Ingredients for a good Sunday:

– summer sun

– gentle summer breeze

– Spitalfields market (any other London market will do)

– a mix of lovely people

-teddy bears.


1. Enjoy your lie-in until noon. Get out of bed and take your time to get ready.

2. Forget about the tube. Take the bus through the empty streets of the City.

3. Wander through the market and find your friends who are browsing through the stalls. Greet them with a big hug and a big smile.

4. Order brunch and a mug of coffee and chat while waiting for the food to get ready. Talk about holiday plans and munch on your food while you gossip about what you’ve been up to lately.

5. Comment on the quirky outfits of the people who frequent East London in Greek so no-one will know what you’re talking about.

6. Say goodbye with a big hug and a big smile.

7. Listen to bossa nova on the bus ride home. Make plans to visit Festival Brazil which you missed again this week.

8. Wonder why every person who is getting on the bus has a big smile on their face, even grown men. Turn your head to see the giant teddy bear sitting on the bus seat behind you. Get off the bus smiling.

Not suitable for freezing. Consume within the same day.

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