So why a sticky note?

Because there is no limit to the different things you can write on a sticky note. From the list of groceries, to reminders for the next day and ideas for your essays. So each note will probably have a different, err, tone although I cannot promise that it’s going to be as short as something that could fit on a little square piece of sticky paper.

Please, do share your comments and why not propose a theme for a sticky note to come?




  • Howdy!
    I was pretty sure that the probability of giving a truly inspired name to your blog, was equal to the probability of seeing your face on a giant poster… Don’t get too excited though – we shouldn’t judge a blog from its name as we shouldn’t judge a game from its hostess… (that was a compliment actually ;)) )


  • Howdy Jingle all the way 🙂

    Oh my, thank you very much! Of course you can mention it and I will add you on my list as well.


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