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A for Athens, part one

As seen on the backstreets of Ermou
As seen on the backstreets of Ermou

I should start by saying that I’m probably too biased when it comes to my hometown. When I was growing up there, I never thought I wouldn’t be living and working in the same streets. I guess the good thing is that I now visit it only long enough to get the best of it and forget about all the stuff that used to annoy me.

ANYWAY. Athens with a capital A could take up a whole blog in itself (in fact, it probably already does for some, it’s on my list to figure this out for you) so expect this to be part of GreekStreet mythology along with London posts. When I say mythology, I don’t really refer to the ancient Greek kind but the X-Files kind – where certain storylines were picked up during the different seasons as opposed to the standalone episodes, like Monster of the Week. (Yes, I’m still obsessed, get over it, even Fox wants to bring the show back!).

So where does one start in Athens? I’ll go old-school on you but I promise you’ll like it. If you only have one day and night in the city (stopover while island-hopping I presume), here’s how you should plan your day. [If you have not planned to stay the night in Athens, change your plans. Like, now.] Continue reading A for Athens, part one